Italian at St Lucia

UQ students need to cross-enrol, because Italian is taught by Griffith University. However, applying to cross-enrol is as easy as filling in the online application form on the Brisbane University Languages Alliance (BULA) website.
Arrangements under the Brisbane University Languages Alliance mean that if you can study a language for your BA, dual degree or Bachelor of International Studies at UQ, you can choose to study Italian. You can take Italian courses as electives or complete a major in Italian.
Please note: 
All Italian courses will be taught at Griffith University, Nathan Campus.
As these courses are Griffith courses, they are not in SI-net. You can see the Italian timetable on the Griffith University website. Once your application to cross-enrol has been processed you will need to enrol in your chosen Italian course at Griffith University.
Please note that Italian is not available for the Diploma in Languages.


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